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Liquid filling equipment

Semi-automatic filling machin
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It corresponds to very viscous products.

AS-1 Semi-automatic filling machines
General purpose machine for various container and paste types


Model characteristics
PDAble to fill products with extremely viscous and adhesive
        characteristics, such as creams, adhesives, denture adhesives,
        and various other flowing products.
QDProblems associated with liquid leakage or solidification from drying do
        not occur due to the filling pump being located inside the hopper.
        Important for adhesives, bonding agents, artist paints, water-based
        paints, oil paints.
RDExceptionally easy to disassembly, clean, and reassemble, due to a
        sanitary vertical piston pump design with fewer parts.
SDVersatile nozzle specially designed for clean filling of products with
        both low and high viscosity, stringy products, and easily foaming
        products, such as foaming agents, shampoo, conditioner, body soap,
        liquid detergent, cleaning agents, honey, and black ink.
TDWorks with liquids containing solids in suspension, such as fruit pulp,
        fruit seeds, and crystals.  Available with options to work with jam,
        marmalade, bean paste, various food extracts, miso, sauces,
        horseradish, pepper paste, creams, and fish bait.

PDApplicable products Fluids with maximum viscosity of 2,000,000 cps
QDFilling capacity Maximum 1,100 ml
RDFilling unit Vertical piston
SDFilling nozzle Shutter type nozzle tip, sack-back type, other types for solids
TDLiquid hopper Volume 40 l
UDApplicable containers Plastic bottles, laminate tubes, cans, bottles, PET bottles.
VDCapacity 20-40 units per minute at 100g filling
WDUtilities Electric: 3 phase 100-200V 0.75kW
Air: not necessary

Filling pump type @@@Option
Filling capacity (ml) PDContainer fill plunging device
PQ QDR|PPDO QDContainer rotation device
QO V|RP RDHopper temperature control device
SO QU|PQS SDHopper level sensor
UO TX|QVW TDExplosion-proof specification Specified for use
        with paints, thinners, and other organic solvents.
WO POT|SXT UDTurret table or conveyor type
        container advance device
POT PWO|WTO VDSpecifications for solids


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