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Liquid filling equipment

Semi-automatic filling equipment
Sealer series
Metal tube fold closing series
 Capping machine series
Tube cartridge type filling machine series
Forced air cleaners


-Product Information- Multiple Liquid Filling Machinery

Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. backs up Masematic Co., Ltd. in sales and support of liquid filling equipment.

Masematic fulfills customer needs for filling equipment in the adhesives, foods and, cosmetics industry. Our pump-driven automatic filling equipment is optimized for highly adhesive and sticky products,, and includes:
Tube filling and sealing machines
High-speed mini-bottle filling machines
Specialty automatic filling machines
Capping machines

Photo is of plastic tube filler 163U series machine

Please direct all liquid filling equipment inquiries to:

Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Overseas Trading Section

TEL +81-3-3603-2276
FAX +81-3-3603-2253



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