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151U series automatic filler and sealer for laminate plastic tubes
(ultrasonic sealer for tube end)


Model characteristics
1.Compact and durable table system
  ・Perform a series of tasks in a 12 pocket (or 24 pocket) turret table.
  ・Since table type has no abrasion due to sliding, accurate operation can be maintained over a long period of
2.Benefits of ultrasonic sealing
  ・It can seal in liquid.
  ・It is sealed by local heating, so there is no influence of heat on the material to be filled and the tube.
  ・The thin walled tubes are finished neatly.
  ・Accurate reproducibility can be obtained because the sealing condition setting is done by numerical
3.Easy cleaning of filling unit
  ・The sanitary filling pump is a structure that is easy to dismantle and assemble and easy to clean.
4.Filling nozzle according to application
  ・Fill the tube with no nozzles according to the properties of the packing material, such as low viscosity
   products, high viscosity products, thread-withdrawing items, pulp-containing ones, etc. without smearing.
5.Variety of products available
  ・The seal unit replacement parts are unnecessary.
  ・The servomotor drive mechanism (Option 1) accurately reproduces the unique operation of various kinds of
6.Production capacity
  ・Single type (151U type) MAX. 60 tubes / minute
  ・Double type (S250U type) MAX. 120 tubes / minute

1.Applicable products General fluid (viscosity MAX 500.000 cps)
2.Filling capacity MAX 300 ml (standard specification)
3.Filling unit Piston type metering pump
(Because the pump unit is housed in the hopper, there is no liquid leakage from the pump unit.)
4.Filling nozzle End shut type, Suck back type, Solid material compatible type and others
5.Target tube Material: PE single layer, resin laminate, laminated aluminum
Body size: Standard specification: MAX φ 40 (option: MAX φ 55)
6.Capacity Standard specification 40 to 60 tubes / min
2 series high speed specification 80 to 120 tubes / minute
7.Utilities Electric: 3 phase 200 V 4 to 6 kW
Air: 0.5 MPa 100 to 200 NL / min

■Single type
 Food (wasabi, mustard, mustard, prime plum, yuzu pepper, Grated ginger, Condensed milk, Peanut cream)
 Cosmetics, Facial cleansing foam, Hand cream Medicines, quasi-drugs, tubes It is used for adhesives, bonds, etc.
■Double type
 A small tube in a hotel brush It is used for sample products of cosmetics

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