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A confectionery machine, a food machine

model MM505
The Kurukuru-C
Sanitary Pipe


-Products- A confectionery machine, a food machine


Azuki-Bean-jam-filled wafers
automatic making machine

It is all own motives that were full of extensibility with high productivity. Because the cover cover after the bean jam filling is automated, too, The person of the high efficiency-saving builds a production line very by connecting a corner fold packer with an optional bean-jam-filled wafers class automatic supply machine.
In addition, bean jam and two colors of filling of the Turkish paste are enabled by employing optionally double Hopper of the filler.


Single type filler               20 - 30 /min
Two lines-type filler       50 - 60 /min
Four lines-type filler   100 - 120 /min


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