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Polysack making machine






Heavy Duty Industrial Polysack Making Machine
(old model name : 801HT-DDSB series)
Heavy Duty Industrial Polysack making machine with direct drive system
alone operation, small lot production


Straight line or L-shape line is able to choose according to your factory layout.


HP9060FS Band seal type, Straight line


HP9060FL Band seal type, L-shape line




Model HP9060FS/FL
Performance 70 Shot/min
Bag Width 350 - 600 mm
Bag Length 500 - 1000 mm
Thickness of Material 0.1 - 0.20 mm

Production Performance

Cutting Lenght Performance
642 mm 70 Shot/min
692 mm 65 Shot/min
750 mm 60 Shot/min
818 mm 55 Shot/min
900 mm 50 Shot/min
1000 mm 45 Shot/min
Basic Machine Performance is 70 shot/min. Production performance will be
changed according to cutting length, film width, film strength and pin-hole.





○Dimensions vary with specifications.


Specifications should be changed without previous notice
There are some differences between shown picture and specifications of each MODEL.
Diversion without permission should be prohibited.



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